Best Graduate Mechanical Engineering Programs in US 2020

Ranked by US News in 2019, part of Best Engineering Schools

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* Schools within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

104Binghamton University--SUNY (Watson)
104CUNY--City College (Grove)
104Mississippi State University (Bagley)
104Oklahoma State University
104Southern Methodist University (Lyle)
104Temple University
104Texas Tech University (Whitacre)
104University of Dayton
104University of Georgia
104University of Maryland--Baltimore County
104University of Massachusetts--Lowell (Francis)
104University of Michigan--Dearborn
104University of Missouri
104University of New Hampshire
104University of Rhode Island
104Wayne State University
104West Virginia University (Statler)
121Baylor University
121Florida A&M University
121Indiana University-Purdue University--Indianapolis
121Old Dominion University (Batten)
121University of Akron 1
121University of Alabama--Huntsville
121University of California--Merced
121University of Louisville (Speed)
121University of Miami
121University of Nevada--Reno
121University of South Florida
121University of Texas--San Antonio
121Utah State University
121Wichita State University
135Florida International University
135Howard University
135Marquette University
135New Mexico State University
135Tennessee Technological University
135University of Arkansas--Fayetteville
135University of Hawaii--Manoa
135University of Vermont

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