Best Graduate Part-time MBA Programs in US 2020

Ranked by US News in 2019

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* Schools within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

#1University of Chicago (Booth)Chicago, IL$7,130 per credit (part-time)1,322
#2University of California--Berkeley (Haas)Berkeley, CA$3,363 per credit (in-state, part-time);$3,363 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)823
#3Northwestern University (Kellogg)Evanston, IL$6,950 per credit (part-time)776
#4New York University (Stern)New York, NY$2,228 per credit (part-time)1,207
#5University of California--Los Angeles (Anderson)Los Angeles, CA$42,420 per year (in-state, part-time);$42,420 per year (out-of-state, part-time)938
#6University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (Ross)Ann Arbor, MI$63,126 per year (in-state, part-time);$68,106 per year (out-of-state, part-time)429
#7University of Minnesota--Twin Cities (Carlson)Minneapolis, MN$1,400 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,400 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)879
#8University of Texas--Austin (McCombs)Austin, TX$110,460 total program (in-state, part-time)445
#9Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)Pittsburgh, PA$49,500 per year (part-time)96
#9Emory University (Goizueta)Atlanta, GA$76,000 total program (part-time)264
#9Indiana University (Kelley)Bloomington, IN$16,387 per year (in-state, part-time);$29,131 per year (out-of-state, part-time)288
#12Georgetown University (McDonough)Washington, DC$1,930 per credit (part-time)423
#12University of Washington (Foster)Seattle, WA$26,016 per year (in-state, part-time);$26,016 per year (out-of-state, part-time)377
#14Ohio State University (Fisher)Columbus, OH$1,698 per credit (in-state, part-time);$2,948 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)356
#14University of Southern California (Marshall)Los Angeles, CA$1,912 per credit (part-time)526
#14Virginia Tech (Pamplin)Blacksburg, VA$1,025 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,025 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)206
#17Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller)Atlanta, GA$1,121 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,524 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)357
#17Rice University (Jones)Houston, TX$104,500 total program (part-time)374
#17University of Massachusetts--Amherst (Isenberg)Amherst, MA$900 per credit (in-state, part-time);$900 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)189
#17University of Texas--DallasRichardson, TX$15,083 per year (in-state, part-time);$28,073 per year (out-of-state, part-time)720
#17Washington University in St. Louis (Olin)St. Louis, MO$1,740 per credit (part-time)246
#22Arizona State University (W.P. Carey)Tempe, AZ$27,656 per year (in-state, part-time);$27,386 per year (out-of-state, part-time)300
#22Case Western Reserve University (Weatherhead)Cleveland, OH$22,064 per year (part-time)162
#22Santa Clara University (Leavey)Santa Clara, CA$1,108 per credit (part-time)353
#22University of Iowa (Tippie)Iowa City, IA$29,925 per year (in-state, part-time);$29,925 per year (out-of-state, part-time)923
#22University of South Carolina (Moore)Columbia, SC$35,568 total program (in-state, part-time);$35,568 total program (out-of-state, part-time)441
#22University of Wisconsin--MadisonMadison, WI$19,534 per year (in-state, part-time);$19,534 per year (out-of-state, part-time)142
#28Boston College (Carroll)Chestnut Hill, MA$1,744 per credit (part-time)349
#28University of California--DavisDavis, CA$1,520 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,520 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)292
#30University of Maryland--College Park (Smith)College Park, MD$1,665 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,665 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)503
#30Wake Forest UniversityWinston-Salem, NC$38,799 per year (part-time)325
#32George Mason UniversityFairfax, VA$808 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,647 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)232
#32University of California--Irvine (Merage)Irvine, CA$95,697 total program (in-state, part-time);$95,697 total program (out-of-state, part-time)339
#32University of Florida (Warrington)Gainesville, FL$26,622 per year (in-state, part-time);$26,622 per year (out-of-state, part-time)320
#35Lehigh UniversityBethlehem, PA$1,075 per credit (part-time)176
#35University of California--San Diego (Rady)San Diego, CA$35,700 per year (in-state, part-time);$35,700 per year (out-of-state, part-time)119
#35University of North Carolina--Charlotte (Belk)Charlotte, NC$7,753 per year (in-state, part-time);$17,829 per year (out-of-state, part-time)375
#35University of Richmond (Robins)Richmond, VA$1,440 per credit (part-time)90
#35Villanova UniversityVillanova, PA$1,167 per credit (part-time)111
#40Boston University (Questrom)Boston, MA$1,687 per credit (part-time)649
#40Loyola University Chicago (Quinlan)Chicago, IL$1,496 per credit (part-time)251
#40Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey--Newark and New BrunswickNewark, NJ$1,122 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,948 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)1,021
#40Southern Methodist University (Cox)Dallas, TX$40,896 per year (part-time)219
#44DePaul University (Kellstadt)Chicago, IL$76,320 total program (part-time)872
#44Gonzaga UniversitySpokane, WA$995 per credit (part-time)188
#44University of Colorado--Boulder (Leeds)Boulder, CO$49,800 total program (in-state, part-time);$49,800 total program (out-of-state, part-time)159
#44University of Utah (Eccles)Salt Lake City, UT$29,400 per year (in-state, part-time);$29,400 per year (out-of-state, part-time)314
#48Georgia State University (Robinson)Atlanta, GA$491 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,300 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)320
#48Marquette UniversityMilwaukee, WI$1,130 per credit (part-time)195
#48Texas A&M University--College Station (Mays)College Station, TX$89,500 total program (in-state, part-time)93
#48University of Pittsburgh (Katz)Pittsburgh, PA$1,308 per credit (in-state, part-time);$2,024 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)267
#52Loyola Marymount UniversityLos Angeles, CA$88,500 total program (part-time)55
#52Pepperdine University (Graziadio)Malibu, CA$1,770 per credit (part-time)505
#52University of Arizona (Eller)Tucson, AZ$25,458 per year (in-state, part-time);$25,458 per year (out-of-state, part-time)180
#52University of Georgia (Terry)Athens, GA$56,400 total program (in-state, part-time);$72,000 total program (out-of-state, part-time)283
#52University of Oklahoma (Price)Oklahoma City, OK$27,000 total program (in-state, part-time);$42,000 total program (out-of-state, part-time)146
#57Bradley University (Foster)Peoria, IL$31,150 per year (part-time)45
#57Florida State UniversityTallahassee, FL$480 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,110 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)113
#57Fordham University (Gabelli)New York, NY$1,555 per credit (part-time)140
#57North Carolina State University (Poole)Raleigh, NC$1,129 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,961 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)271
#57Oregon State UniversityCorvallis, OR$36,000 total program (part-time)91
#57Purdue University--West Lafayette (Krannert)West Lafayette, IN$50,984 total program (in-state, part-time);$59,194 total program (out-of-state, part-time)82
#57Seattle University (Albers)Seattle, WA$865 per credit (part-time)311
#57Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmond, VA$674 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,386 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)151
#65Oklahoma State University (Spears)Stillwater, OK$230 per credit (in-state, part-time);$876 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)75
#65Old Dominion UniversityNorfolk, VA$20,920 total program (in-state, part-time);$52,800 total program (out-of-state, part-time)71
#65University of Alabama--BirminghamBirmingham, AL$8,100 per year (in-state, part-time);$18,540 per year (out-of-state, part-time)350
#65University of ConnecticutHartford, CT$900 per credit (in-state, part-time);$900 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)980
#65University of Houston (Bauer)Houston, TX$14,662 per year (in-state, part-time);$23,932 per year (out-of-state, part-time)286
#65University of Illinois--Chicago (Liautaud)Chicago, IL$13,908 per year (in-state, part-time);$22,068 per year (out-of-state, part-time)235
#65University of Illinois--Urbana-ChampaignChampaign, ILN/A114
#65University of KansasLawrence, KS$697 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,254 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)72
#65University of Washington--Tacoma MilgardTacoma, WA$46,277 total program (in-state, part-time);$75,264 total program (out-of-state, part-time)65
#74CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College (Zicklin)New York, NY$705 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,080 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)476
#74Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey--CamdenCamden, NJ$996 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,688 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)93
#74Tulane University (Freeman)New Orleans, LA$31,932 per year (part-time)135
#74University of Colorado--DenverDenver, CO$626 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,378 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)440
#74University of Delaware (Lerner)Newark, DE$825 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,000 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)159
#74University of Minnesota--Duluth (Labovitz)Duluth, MNN/A58
#74University of New Mexico (Anderson)Albuquerque, NM$462 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,128 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)274
#81Clemson UniversityGreenville, SC$721 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,471 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)417
#81Creighton University (Heider)Omaha, NE$870 per credit (part-time)127
#81Iowa State University (Ivy)Ames, IA$642 per credit (in-state, part-time)41
#81Kennesaw State University (Coles)Kennesaw, GA$12,456 total program (in-state, part-time);$44,964 total program (out-of-state, part-time)219
#81Miami University (Farmer)Oxford, OH$1,050 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,050 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)109
#81San Diego State University (Fowler)San Diego, CA$10,590 per year (in-state, part-time);$17,718 per year (out-of-state, part-time)139
#81St. Joseph's University (Haub)Philadelphia, PA$1,043 per credit (part-time)205
#81University of Kentucky (Gatton)Lexington, KY$914 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,067 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)175
#89Butler UniversityIndianapolis, IN$850 per credit (part-time)148
#89Elon University (Love)Elon, NC$950 per credit (part-time)127
#89Fairfield University (Dolan)Fairfield, CT$975 per credit (part-time)51
#89Illinois State UniversityNormal, IL$404 per credit (in-state, part-time);$838 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)126
#89The CitadelCharleston, SC$595 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,020 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)119
#89University of Central FloridaOrlando, FL$370 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,194 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)536
#89University of Colorado--Colorado SpringsColorado Springs, CO$745 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,298 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)333
#89University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee (Lubar)Milwaukee, WI$31,800 total program (in-state, part-time);$49,300 total program (out-of-state, part-time)245
#89Wichita State University (Barton)Wichita, KS$302 per credit (in-state, part-time);$302 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)209
#89Xavier University (Williams)Cincinnati, OH$815 per credit (part-time)573
#99Babson College (Olin)Babson Park, MA$1,768 per credit (part-time)229
#99Bentley UniversityWaltham, MA$1,540 per credit (part-time)247
#99College of William and Mary (Mason)Williamsburg, VA$875 per credit (in-state, part-time);$1,275 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)174
#99George Washington UniversityWashington, DC$1,825 per credit (part-time)174
#99Northeastern University (School of Business)Boston, MA$96,000 total program (part-time)280
#99Texas State University (McCoy)San Marcos, TX$13,670 total program (in-state, part-time);$31,100 total program (out-of-state, part-time)188
#99University of Nebraska--OmahaOmaha, NE$372 per credit (in-state, part-time);$917 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)293
#99University of North TexasDenton, TX$252 per credit (in-state, part-time);$767 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)304
#99University of Rochester (Simon)Rochester, NY$1,925 per credit (part-time)145
#99University of South FloridaTampa, FL$467 per credit (in-state, part-time);$913 per credit (out-of-state, part-time)311

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