Best Graduate Elementary Particles / Field / String Theory Programs in US 2015

Ranked by US News

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* Schools within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

Rank School name
#1 Princeton University

(Princeton, NJ, US)

#2 Harvard University

(Cambridge, MA, US)

#3 Stanford University

(Stanford, CA, US)

#4 University of California—​Berkeley

(Berkeley, CA, US)

#5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Cambridge, MA, US)

#6 California Institute of Technology

(Pasadena, CA, US)

#7 University of California—​Santa Barbara

(Santa Barbara, CA, US)

#8 University of Chicago

(Chicago, IL, US)

#9 Cornell University

(Ithaca, NY, US)

#10 Columbia University

(New York, NY, US)

#11 University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor

(Ann Arbor, MI, US)

#11 University of Wisconsin—​Madison

(Madison, WI, US)

#13 Yale University

(New Haven, CT, US)

#14 University of California—​Los Angeles

(Los Angeles, CA, US)