A-Z List of English Language Schools in the UK

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More English Language Schools in UK


The following language schools have been accredited by Accreditation UK, run by the British Council and English UK.

Lake School of English----Location: Oxford

LAL Torbay----Location: Paignton, South Devon

LAL UK Summer Schools----Location: Paignton, South Devon

Langside College----Location: Glasgow

Language in London Ltd----Location: London

Language Link Limited----Location: London

The Language Project----Location: Bristol

Language Specialists International----Location: Portsmouth

Language Studies International----Location: Brighton

Language Studies International----Location: Cambridge

Language Studies International----Location: Hampstead

Language Studies International----Location: London Central

Language Study Centres----Location: Manchester

Language Upon Thames----Location: Surrey

Languages Plus (Sprachcaffe)----Location: Brighton

Language UK----Location: Kent

Languages United----Location: Bath

Leeds City College, Thomas Danby Campus----Location: Leeds

Leeds English Language School----Location: Leeds

Leeds Language College----Location: Leeds

Leeds Languages Ltd----Location: Leeds

Leeds Metropolitan University Centre for Language Study----Location: Leeds

Leicester Square School of English----Location: London

Lewis School of English----Location: Southampton

Lines Languages Ltd----Location: Newbury

Linguacentre----Location: London

Linguarama----Location: Cheney Court, Bath

Linguarama----Location: London

Linguarama----Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon

Liverpool Community College----Location: Liverpool

Live Language----Location: Glasgow

Liverpool International Language Academy----Location: Liverpool

Liverpool School of English----Location: Liverpool

Living Learning English----Location: Bristol

London College Wimbledon----Location: London

London Empire Academy----Location: London

London Institute of Technology and English (LITE)----Location: London

London International Study Centre----Location: Surrey

London Meridian College----Location: London

London Metropolitan University----Location: London

LSBF School of English----Location: London

London School of Economics Language Centre----Location: London

The London School of English----Location: London

London Study Centre----Location: London

Loxdale English Centre----Location: Brighton

Loughborough College----Location: Loughborough, Leicestershire

Lydbury English Centre Ltd----Location: Lydbury North, Shropshire

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