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2012 US University Rankings: Sociology Graduate Programs
(US News Rankings)

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Rank School Name
1 University of California--Berkeley
2 University of Wisconsin--Madison
3 Princeton University
3 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
5 Harvard University
5 Stanford University
5 University of Chicago
5 University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
9 Northwestern University
9 University of California--Los Angeles
11 Columbia University
11 Indiana University--Bloomington
11 University of Pennsylvania
14 Duke University
14 New York University
14 University of Texas--Austin
17 Cornell University
17 Ohio State University
17 University of Washington
20 Pennsylvania State University--University Park
20 University of Arizona
20 University of Maryland--College Park
20 University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
20 Yale University
25 Brown University
25 Johns Hopkins University
27 University of California--Irvine
28 CUNY Graduate School and University Center
28 University at Albany--SUNY
28 University of California--Santa Barbara
31 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick
31 University of California--Davis
31 University of California--San Diego
31 University of Massachusetts--Amherst
31 Vanderbilt University
36 Emory University
36 University of Iowa
36 University of Virginia
39 Florida State University
39 University of Southern California
41 Boston College
41 Stony Brook University--SUNY
41 Texas A&M University--College Station
41 University of California--Riverside
41 University of Florida
41 University of Illinois--Chicago
41 Washington State University
48 Brandeis University
48 Michigan State University
48 North Carolina State University
48 University of Georgia
48 University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
48 University of Notre Dame
54 Purdue University--West Lafayette
54 University of California--Santa Cruz
54 University of Pittsburgh
57 Arizona State University
57 Boston University
57 The New School
57 University of California--San Francisco
57 University of Colorado--Boulder
57 University of Connecticut
57 University of Oregon
64 University of Delaware
64 University of Kansas
66 Binghamton University--SUNY
66 Bowling Green State University
66 Northeastern University
66 Syracuse University
66 University of South Carolina
66 Virginia Tech
72 Iowa State University
72 Louisiana State University--Baton Rouge
72 Teachers College, Columbia University
72 Temple University
72 University of Nebraska--Lincoln
77 Baylor University
77 Case Western Reserve University
77 Georgia State University
77 University at Buffalo--SUNY
77 University of Missouri
82 Colorado State University
82 Howard University
82 Loyola University Chicago
82 Southern Illinois University--Carbondale
82 Tulane University
82 University of Miami
82 University of New Hampshire
82 University of New Mexico
90 American University
90 Brigham Young University--Provo
90 Fordham University
90 Kent State University
90 University of Alabama--Birmingham
90 University of Cincinnati
90 University of Kentucky
90 University of Oklahoma
90 University of Tennessee--Knoxville

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